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Important marker for heart disease that typical Family Doctors do not bother to check!

It is very common that most family doctors rely heavily on your LDL and HDL and total cholesterol and a typical calculator routine to add it to your age and blood pressure to assess your probability of heart disease. According to a recent study published by American Heart Journal more

Prevention of Dementia and therapy

  I found writing this blog to be very difficult because the subject is too close to my heart.  We all know or in contact with someone who has been diagnosed or is suffering from Alzheimer disease.  As you know the mainstream media gets excited about this research or that but acc

Supplements: Are you taking too many supplements or not enough?

I have been asked about what supplements and how much supplements are needed for health maintenance. Or my opinion on some amino acid, vitamin, and herb that suppose to do magic, or is a newest health breakthrough!  I personally believe that there is no better supplement than a health

Tinnitus therapy: Are you suffering from ringing in the ear?

Tinnitus therapy: Are you suffering from ringing in the ear? I have been treating patients for tinnitus therapy by using acupuncture and herbs for quite sometime.  However, there are so many different varieties and root causes for this condition.  Tinnitus is a constant ‘ringing’ or b

Probiotic Guidance: Are you taking a right one?

Probiotic Guidance: Are you taking a right one? I am always asked what kind of Probiotic and how much is enough or too much by clients, friends, and families.  The answer is  just like any other similar questions on supplementations is very hard to answer on a general basis.  However,

Food As Medicine

Food:  You Are What You Eat? Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. – Hypocrates Have you ever thought about the foods that you eat and whether or not they are truly good for you? With so many food choices available, it can be difficult to ensure optimal

Stir Fried Veggies w/ Brown Rice

Stir Fried Veggies w/ Brown Rice I just cut up a bunch of the following veggies into bite sized pieces- 1/4 sweet onion 1 green peppers 3 carrots 2 cloves garlic 1 red pepper 1 cup yellow squash 1 cup green squash 1 cup spring peas Lightly saute in oil of choice and season with salt a