Holistic Health Clinic – Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Client Support

Client Forms

For new patients, please print and complete the following intake forms. Then, bring them to your appointment. This will save you valuable time. (All forms are pdfs.)

Patient Guidelines

  • As a valued and respected patient, it is important that you have a pleasant experience here. Therefore, please read the following information as it will help make your visits run smoother and avoid any confusion. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please let me know right away

Your First Visit

  • Your first visit to Borjis Holistic Health clinic will begin with a health history and examination in order to find the root cause of your condition. Traditional Chinese Medicine theory believes that symptoms will resolve by finding and treating the root problem. My goal at Borjis Holistic Health is to select a treatment regime specific to your unique needs as an individual in order to reduce your symptoms and restore you to a state of well-being and good health.

What to Wear

  • Please wear loose comfortable clothing. Many patients bring along shorts and a T-shirt/camisole to wear during the treatment. Quite often, however, it is not necessary to remove any clothing other than your socks as some treatments are performed below the knees and elbows. Also, make sure you eat a healthy meal with some time to properly digest it before receiving your treatment.