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Important marker for heart disease that typical Family Doctors do not bother to check!

It is very common that most family doctors rely heavily on your LDL and HDL and total cholesterol and a typical calculator routine to add it to your age and blood pressure to assess your probability of heart disease. According to a recent study published by American Heart Journal more than half of 230,000 people hospitalized for heart disease had LDL cholesterol under normal or less than 100 mg/Dl. So, while most docs and cardiologists assess your heart health with the cholesterol level and giving statin prescriptions they miss the important marker which is inflammation. The fact is that one of the most important marker which is a measure of inflammation in your artery plaque that could cause plaque formation and rupture is ignored! This enzyme which accumulates in artery plaque is called Lipoprotein associated phospholipase A2 or abbreviated LP-PLA2. The increased value of LP-PLA2 is associated with heart attacks, stroke, and general cardiovascular disease.

This marker can easily be measured by most labs in the states and you need to ask for it. This marker could be used for people with cardio vascular issue, history of diabetes or high blood pressure. Or it could be used with people who don’t have a heart disease but assess the chance of having it in future. If the number is high, you could work with your holistic practitioners to lower it down through diet and other natural therapies. The key is bringing down the inflammation while working with reducing other factors such as high blood pressure and keeping a healthy diet. But remember the key is preventive medicine, and monitoring the right factors in reducing inflammation.

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